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Add doc strings for enable-debug-flags and disable-debug-flags

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1 parent bdb68f7 commit 9393afd8ad6cde84f0cd899cbd932257bb2b8331 @jafingerhut committed May 4, 2012
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  1. +14 −2 src/cd_client/core.clj
@@ -23,12 +23,24 @@
(def ^:private ^:dynamic *debug-flags* (ref #{}))
-(defn enable-debug-flags [& keywords]
+(defn enable-debug-flags
+ "Takes any number of keyswords as arguments. Enables the debug
+print messages corresponding to those keywords within the cd-client
+library. Currently these keywords are supported:
+ :show-urls Show URLs of HTTP requests sent.
+ :show-http-resp Show HTTP responses received as a Clojure map, as
+ returned by clj-http.client/get."
+ [& keywords]
(dosync (alter *debug-flags*
(fn [cur-val]
(apply conj cur-val keywords)))))
-(defn disable-debug-flags [& keywords]
+(defn disable-debug-flags
+ "Disables debug print messages in cd-client library. See
+enable-debug-flags for supported arguments."
+ [& keywords]
(dosync (alter *debug-flags*
(fn [cur-val]
(apply disj cur-val keywords)))))

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