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Add :url to examples, search and see-also. Issue #2

When we have a way to link to particular comments or to the actual example in
the page, I will update the link and add urls for individual objects.

This breaks cd-client until I fix it.
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1 parent 689fb06 commit fd47aaa563ad56b092a2fbf244697a4df0188acb @dakrone dakrone committed
Showing with 13 additions and 9 deletions.
  1. +13 −9 src/cd_wsapi/core.clj
22 src/cd_wsapi/core.clj
@@ -24,6 +24,8 @@
:username "cd_wsapi"
:password "cd_wsapi"})
+(def clojuredocs-base "")
(defn default [request]
{:status 200
:headers {"Content-Type" "text/html"}
@@ -59,14 +61,16 @@
["select * from examples where function_id = ?" id]
(doall rs))]
- (map format-example examples))))))}))
+ {:url (str clojuredocs-base "/v/" id)
+ :examples (map format-example examples)})))))}))
; Doesn't do anything yet, but it might in the future.
(defn format-search
"Given a function result set, format the function for the API JSON output."
- function)
+ (let [id (:id function)]
+ (assoc function :url (str clojuredocs-base "/v/" id))))
(defn perform-search
@@ -116,10 +120,11 @@
(map format-comment comments))))))}))
-(defn format-function
+(defn format-see-also-function
"Given a function, format it for json."
- (dissoc (into {} function) :id :doc :source :shortdoc))
+ (let [id (:id function)]
+ (assoc (dissoc (into {} function) :id :doc :source :shortdoc) :url (str clojuredocs-base "/v/" id))))
(defn format-see-also
@@ -128,10 +133,10 @@
(with-connection db
(when-let [functions (with-query-results
- rs
- ["select * from functions where id = ?" (:to_id id)]
- (doall rs))]
- (map format-function functions)))))
+ rs
+ ["select * from functions where id = ?" (:to_id id)]
+ (doall rs))]
+ (format-see-also-function (first functions)))))) ; should only be 1 function per id
(defn see-also
@@ -156,7 +161,6 @@
- ["stuff"] examples
["examples" ns name] (examples ns name)
["search" ns name] (search ns name)
["search" name] (search name)

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