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Automate some of the steps in "prescreening" Clojure patches on JIRA.

Currently it performs these checks:

  1. Check whether the patch is in git format: first a quick and dirty regular-expression based method, then more thoroughly by trying to apply it as a git patch to a Clojure tree.

  2. For git format patches, verify that all authors listed in the patch are on the list of contributors. Both names and email addresses are checked for exact matches to one of the names, aliases, or email addresses in the file data/people-data.clj. If the patch summary says it is "not-CA-clean", it may be that the file needs to have contributors added to it.

  3. For patches that apply successfully, run the command 'ant'. Any warnings or errors in the output (except for a select few that are permitted), or a non-0 exit status, is considered a failure. If no problems occur, it is considered a success.

See the last (comment ...) block in core.clj for some instructions on how to do perform these steps. It is currently only set up to run by copying and pasting some commands from that file to a Clojure REPL.

This code repeatedly makes copies of a Clojure source tree so that each patch attempt should have no dependence on any earlier patch attempts.

git version or later are recommended. I've experienced failures using this code's patching method with git version the command git am -s --keep-cr < patch-file.txt fails in the copied Clojure source tree, whereas it succeeds on a Clojure source tree created by git. Likely earlier versions would have a similar problem (an unconfirmed guess). I've had more success with git versions and 1.7.10.


See last (comment ...) block in core.clj


Copyright (C) 2012 Andy Fingerhut

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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