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#! /bin/bash
if [ $# -eq 1 ]
OS=`uname -o 2>/dev/null`
if [ $? -ne 0 ]
# Option -o does not exist in Mac OS X default version of uname
# command.
OS=`uname -s 2>/dev/null`
# It is nice to avoid creating multiple copies of large files, but on
# Cygwin we measure the cpu and memory usage of commands using
# timemem.exe in a DOS/Windows batch file, and redirecting input files
# from Cygwin symbolic links does not work. So just make a copy.
if [ "$OS" == "Cygwin" ]
LINK_OR_COPY="ln -s"
# Some of the input and expected output files are quite large. Rather
# than waste space on github, it seems best to use one of the
# benchmark programs to generate them, where possible. I'll pick
# Java, since the -server version is within 3 times the computation
# time of the C and C++ implementations on all benchmarks, and if you
# are getting this set of files, you are interested in Clojure and so
# must have a Java installation handy.
# We'll just trust the Java benchmark program to do a good job. If
# you start getting mismatches of expected output to actual output,
# then you may want to investigate more carefully to see whether it is
# the Java implementation that is in error, or the one it is being
# compared against.
make_expected_output_files () {
local B=$1
local T
local L
cd $B
if [ "$B" == "pidigits" ]
./ ${L} $*
for T in $*
/bin/mv -f output/${T}-${L}-output.txt output/${T}-expected-output.txt
cd ..
# Make all input files
# There are no fasta input files, but its output files are the input
# files for several other benchmarks.
make_expected_output_files fasta quick knucleotide medium regexdna long
# knucleotide and revcomp have input files that are produced as output
# from the fasta benchmark programs.
cd knucleotide
mkdir ./input
cd ./input
/bin/rm -f quick-input.txt medium-input.txt long-input.txt
${LINK_OR_COPY} ../../fasta/output/knucleotide-expected-output.txt quick-input.txt
${LINK_OR_COPY} ../../fasta/output/medium-expected-output.txt medium-input.txt
${LINK_OR_COPY} ../../fasta/output/long-expected-output.txt long-input.txt
cd ../..
cd revcomp
mkdir ./input
cd ./input
/bin/rm -f quick-input.txt medium-input.txt long-input.txt
${LINK_OR_COPY} ../../fasta/output/quick-expected-output.txt quick-input.txt
${LINK_OR_COPY} ../../fasta/output/medium-expected-output.txt medium-input.txt
${LINK_OR_COPY} ../../fasta/output/long-expected-output.txt long-input.txt
cd ../..
# revlines isn't one of the benchmarks from the Benchmarks Game web
# site. I created it as a simplified version of reverse-complement,
# to try to figure out why Clojure was using so much memory for one of
# my earlier solution attempts. I'm keeping it around for future
# reference.
cd revlines
mkdir ./input
cd ./input
sed -n -e '/^>THREE/,$p' ../../fasta/output/long-expected-output.txt >| long-input.txt
cd ../..
cd regexdna
mkdir ./input
cd ./input
${LINK_OR_COPY} ../../fasta/output/knucleotide-expected-output.txt quick-input.txt
${LINK_OR_COPY} ../../fasta/output/regexdna-expected-output.txt long-input.txt
cd ../..
exit 0
# Make all expected output files
# These don't have input files, just command line parameters that vary
# for the different "size" tests.
make_expected_output_files binarytrees quick medium long
make_expected_output_files fannkuch quick medium long
make_expected_output_files fannkuchredux quick medium long
make_expected_output_files hello long
make_expected_output_files mandelbrot quick medium long
make_expected_output_files nbody quick medium long
make_expected_output_files pidigits quick medium long
make_expected_output_files spectralnorm quick medium long
# These do have input files, which are all output files of the fasta
# benchmark program.
make_expected_output_files knucleotide quick medium long
make_expected_output_files regexdna quick long
make_expected_output_files revcomp quick medium long
make_expected_output_files revlines long
exit 0