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(ns clj.benchmark.threadring (:gen-class))
(defn relay [state hops]
(let [hops (dec (int hops)), nxt (:next state)]
(if (neg? hops)
(do (prn (:id state)) (shutdown-agents) state)
(do (send nxt relay hops) state))))
(defn agent-ring [n]
(let [tl (agent {:next nil :id n})
hd (reduce (fn [next id] (agent {:next next :id id})) tl (reverse (range 1 n)))]
(send tl #(assoc % :next hd)) ;; hook up head and tail
(await tl)
(defn run [n-agents hops]
(let [hd (agent-ring n-agents)]
(send hd relay hops)
(defn -main [arg]
(run 503 (Integer/parseInt arg)))
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