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uvtc commented Oct 15, 2012

Some text in the tables should probably not be monospaced/code. For example:

  • "Note: always use return value for later changes, never original!"
  • "is namespace for later syms"
  • a couple of places where "(tutorial)" shows up
  • "hex", "oct", "base 2", "base 36"
  • "See also IO/to string"

and so on. Those should be rendered in regular proportonal font.


Yep, those are a bit hacked in right now. In the data structure from which my code creates the HTML and LaTeX versions, I simply put strings in there for such kinds of "comments", and my code treats them much like it does any other symbols in there. It even tries to look them up in Clojure's symbol table to see if they are symbol names, but fails. It hasn't been a high priority yet for me to try to change their font, since other then the font they look just as I want them to. Maybe I'll take a look at my code to see if I can think of an easy way to change that.

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