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;; The Computer Language Benchmarks Game
;; Adapted from the Java -server version
;; contributed by Marko Kocic
;; modified by Kenneth Jonsson, restructured to allow usage of 'pmap'
;; modified by Andy Fingerhut to use faster primitive math ops, and
;; deftype instead of defrecord for smaller tree nodes.
;; modified by Rich Hickey for Clojure 1.3
(ns binarytrees
(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)
(set! *unchecked-math* true)
(definterface ITreeNode
(^long item [])
(left [])
(right []))
;; These TreeNode's take up noticeably less memory than a similar one
;; implemented using defrecord.
(deftype TreeNode [left right ^long item]
(item [this] item)
(left [this] left)
(right [this] right))
(defn bottom-up-tree [^long item ^long depth]
(if (zero? depth)
(TreeNode. nil nil item)
(bottom-up-tree (dec (* 2 item))
(dec depth))
(bottom-up-tree (* 2 item)
(dec depth))
(defn item-check ^long [^TreeNode node]
(if (nil? (.left node))
(.item node)
(+ (+ (.item node)
(item-check (.left node)))
(- (item-check (.right node))))))
(defn iterate-trees [^long mx ^long mn ^long d]
(let [iterations (bit-shift-left 1 (- (+ mx mn) d))]
(format "%d\t trees of depth %d\t check: %d" (* 2 iterations) d
(reduce + (map (fn [i]
(+ (item-check (bottom-up-tree i d))
(item-check (bottom-up-tree (- i) d))))
(range 1 (inc iterations)))))))
(def min-depth 4)
(defn main [max-depth]
(let [stretch-depth (inc max-depth)]
(let [tree (bottom-up-tree 0 stretch-depth)
check (item-check tree)]
(println (format "stretch tree of depth %d\t check: %d" stretch-depth check)))
(let [long-lived-tree (bottom-up-tree 0 max-depth) ]
(doseq [trees-nfo (map (fn [d]
(iterate-trees max-depth min-depth d))
(range min-depth stretch-depth 2)) ]
(println trees-nfo))
(println (format "long lived tree of depth %d\t check: %d" max-depth (item-check long-lived-tree))))))
(defn -main [& args]
(let [n (if (first args) (Integer/parseInt (first args)) 0)
max-depth (if (> (+ min-depth 2) n) (+ min-depth 2) n)]
(main max-depth)