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;; The Computer Language Benchmarks Game
;; Based on the Racket version of the benchmark by Matthew Flatt
;;; contributed by PheliX
;; Minor changes by Andy Fingerhut so it runs on both Clojure 1.2 and 1.3
(ns pidigits
(defmacro if-available [sym if-expr else-expr]
(resolve sym)
(catch Exception _
;; 'fixup' allows this code to work on both Clojure 1.3, which has the
;; new class clojure.lang.BigInt, and Clojure 1.2, which does not.
(defmacro fixup [j]
(if-available clojure.lang.BigInt
`(let [j# ~j]
(if (instance? clojure.lang.BigInt j#)
(.toBigInteger j#)
(defn floor-ev [q r s t x]
(quot (+ (* q x) r) (+ (* s x) t)))
(defn ncomp [q r s t q2 r2 s2 t2]
[(+ (* q q2) (* r s2))
(+ (* q r2) (* r t2))
(+ (* s q2) (* t s2))
(+ (* s r2) (* t t2))])
(defn digit [k q r s t n row col]
(if (> n 0)
(let [y (floor-ev q r s t 3)]
(if (== y (floor-ev q r s t 4))
(let [[q r s t] (ncomp 10 (* -10 y) 0 1 q r s t)]
(if (== col 10)
(let [row (+ row 10)]
(printf "\t:%d\n%d" row (fixup y))
(recur k q r s t (dec n) row 1))
(do (printf "%d" (fixup y))
(recur k q r s t (dec n) row (inc col)))))
(let [[q r s t] (ncomp q r s t k (* 2 (inc (* 2 k))) 0 (inc (* 2 k)))]
(recur (inc k) q r s t n row col))))
(printf "%s\t:%d\n" (apply str (repeat (- 10 col) " ")) (+ row col))))
(defn -main [& args]
(let [n (try (Integer/parseInt (first args))
(catch NumberFormatException e 27))]
(digit 1 (bigint 1) (bigint 0) (bigint 0) (bigint 1) n 0 0))
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