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;; The Computer Language Benchmarks Game
;; contributed by Andy Fingerhut
(ns regexdna
(:require [clojure.string :as str])
(:import (java.util.regex Pattern)))
;; Slightly modified from standard library slurp so that it can read
;; from standard input.
(defn slurp-std-input
;; Reads the standard input using the encoding enc into a string and
;; returns it.
([] (slurp-std-input (.name (java.nio.charset.Charset/defaultCharset))))
([#^String enc]
(with-open [r (new *in*)]
(let [sb (new StringBuilder)]
(loop [c (.read r)]
(if (neg? c)
(str sb)
(.append sb (char c))
(recur (.read r)))))))))
(def dna-seq-regexes '( "agggtaaa|tttaccct"
"agggtaa[cgt]|[acg]ttaccct" ))
(def iub-codes '( [ "B" "(c|g|t)" ]
[ "D" "(a|g|t)" ]
[ "H" "(a|c|t)" ]
[ "K" "(g|t)" ]
[ "M" "(a|c)" ]
[ "N" "(a|c|g|t)" ]
[ "R" "(a|g)" ]
[ "S" "(c|g)" ]
[ "V" "(a|c|g)" ]
[ "W" "(a|t)" ]
[ "Y" "(c|t)" ] ))
(defn one-replacement [str [iub-str iub-replacement]]
(str/replace str (. Pattern (compile iub-str)) iub-replacement))
(defn count-regex-occurrences [re s]
;; Prepending (?i) to the regexp in Java makes it
;; case-insensitive.
[re (count (re-seq (. Pattern (compile (str "(?i)" re)))
(defn -main
[& args]
(let [content (slurp-std-input)
original-len (count content)
;; I'd prefer if I could use the regexp #"(^>.*)?\n" like the
;; Perl benchmark does, but that only matches ^ at the beginning
;; of the string, not at the beginning of a line in the middle
;; of the string.
content (str/replace content #"(^>.*|\n>.*)?\n" "")
dna-seq-only-len (count content)]
(doseq [[re num-matches] (pmap #(count-regex-occurrences % content)
(printf "%s %d\n" re num-matches))
(let [content (reduce one-replacement content iub-codes)]
(printf "\n%d\n%d\n%d\n" original-len dna-seq-only-len (count content))))