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;; The Computer Language Benchmarks Game
;; contributed by Andy Fingerhut
(ns revcomp
(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)
(set! *unchecked-math* true)
:name revcomp.ReversibleByteArray
:exposes {count {:get getCount},
buf {:get getBuf}}
:prefix rba-
:methods [ [ reverse [ "[B" ] void ] ])
(defn find-first-byte-idx [#^bytes buf start search-val]
(let [search-val (int search-val)]
(loop [i (int start)]
(if (== (int (aget buf i)) search-val)
(recur (inc i))))))
(defn reverse-and-complement! [#^bytes buf begin end #^bytes map-char-array nl]
(let [nl (int nl)]
(loop [begin (int begin)
end (int end)]
(let [cb (int (aget buf begin))
ce (int (aget buf end))
begin (int (if (== cb nl) (inc begin) begin))
end (int (if (== ce nl) (dec end) end))
cb2 (int (aget buf begin))
ce2 (int (aget buf end))]
(when (<= begin end)
(aset buf begin (aget map-char-array ce2))
(aset buf end (aget map-char-array cb2))
(recur (inc begin) (dec end)))))))
(defn rba-reverse [#^revcomp.ReversibleByteArray this #^bytes map-char-array]
(let [count (int (. this (getCount)))
#^bytes buf (. this (getBuf))
nl (int \newline)]
(when (> count 0)
(let [begin (inc (find-first-byte-idx buf 0 nl))
end (dec count)]
(reverse-and-complement! buf begin end map-char-array nl))
(. System/out write buf 0 count))))
(def complement-dna-char-map
{\w \W, \W \W,
\s \S, \S \S,
\a \T, \A \T,
\t \A, \T \A,
\u \A, \U \A,
\g \C, \G \C,
\c \G, \C \G,
\y \R, \Y \R,
\r \Y, \R \Y,
\k \M, \K \M,
\m \K, \M \K,
\b \V, \B \V,
\d \H, \D \H,
\h \D, \H \D,
\v \B, \V \B,
\n \N, \N \N })
(defn ubyte [val]
(if (>= val 128)
(byte (- val 256))
(byte val)))
(defn make-array-char-mapper [cmap]
(byte-array 256 (map (fn [i]
(if (contains? cmap (char i))
(ubyte (int (cmap (char i))))
(ubyte i)))
(range 256))))
(defn -main [& args]
(let [in System/in
out System/out
read-buf-size (int (* 16 1024 1024))
read-buf (byte-array (inc read-buf-size))
buf (new revcomp.ReversibleByteArray)
complement-dna-char-array (make-array-char-mapper
gt (byte (int \>))]
(loop []
(let [nread (int (. in read read-buf (int 0) read-buf-size))]
(when (not= nread (int -1))
;; Put gt char just after last char read, so we can always
;; search for gt and find it without also having to check
;; for hitting the end of the buffer.
(aset read-buf nread gt)
(loop [i (int 0)
last (int 0)]
(let [i (int (loop [i (int i)]
(if (= (aget read-buf i) gt)
(recur (inc i)))))]
(if (== i nread)
(. buf write read-buf last (- nread last))
(. buf write read-buf last (- i last))
(. buf reverse complement-dna-char-array)
(. buf reset)
(recur (inc i) i)))))
(. buf reverse complement-dna-char-array)))