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Add one patch from non-contributor to needs work list

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1 parent 345dc64 commit 0e788c33ad402d042c088fb933ed125da98abc6b @jafingerhut committed Feb 15, 2013
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2 clj-ticket-status/needs-work.txt
@@ -210,7 +210,7 @@ patches.
CLJ-450 clj-450-add-default-pred-arg-to-core-fns-patch.txt (Jason Orendorff)
CLJ-884 diff.patch (Rahul Pilani - patch actually does not apply cleanly as of June 2012, but did earlier in 2012)
CLJ-983 proxy_super.patch (Valentin Mahrwald)
+CLJ-1155 suppress_tracebacks.patch (Wilfred Hughes)
The ones above may be easy to update. The ones below are likely more
work, where part of the work could be figuring out what ought to be

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