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Update CLJ ticket status reports for February 24 2014

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1 parent 44d1390 commit 3be8426d4b3b96aa14f74eb8546a1e9ee7a25ccb @jafingerhut committed Feb 26, 2014
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  1. +11 −7 clj-ticket-status/needs-work.txt
  2. +21 −5 clj-ticket-status/prescreened.txt
18 clj-ticket-status/needs-work.txt
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
Tickets needing work for CLJ project
-Date: February 14, 2014
+Date: February 24, 2014
If you are a Clojure contributor, the tickets below could use some
work. Some are easy, some are not. If you've never added a patch
@@ -45,16 +45,16 @@ I CLJ-944 Incomplete 0001-Fix-for-CLJ-944.patch
See comments for another patch 0002-Fix-for-CLJ-944.patch and
why it fails some tests, which are fixable.
- Allow more correct-looking Clojure code to work:
+ Performance enhancement:
-I CLJ-1148 Incomplete clj-1148-defonce-3.patch
+I CLJ-1365 Incomplete clj-1365-v1.patch
Tickets marked for Clojure Release 1.6 that have no prescreened
patches (see also Note 3 at the bottom):
+O 1 [CLJ-1353] Prevent test app from appearing in Mac OS X dock
+O 0 [CLJ-1352] clojure.test/test-vars runs :each fixtures for vars without :test metadata
Tickets needing work that have no prescreened patches. These are all
@@ -76,7 +76,6 @@ V 2 [CLJ-415] smarter assert (prints locals)
T 2 [CLJ-1026] Mixed end-of-line endings in the source code
T 2 [CLJ-1152] PermGen leak in multimethods and protocol fns when evaled
T 2 [CLJ-1169] Add filename and line number to defn parameter declaration error
-T 1 [CLJ-15] Incremental hashcode calculation for collections
V 1 [CLJ-274] cannot close over mutable fields (in deftype)
V 1 [CLJ-787] transient blows up when passed a vector created by subvec
V 1 [CLJ-823] Piping seque into seque can deadlock
@@ -98,9 +97,10 @@ V 0 [CLJ-346] (pprint-newline :fill) is not handled correctly
V 0 [CLJ-348] reify allows use of qualified name as method parameter
V 0 [CLJ-701] Compiler loses 'loop's return type in some cases
V 0 [CLJ-731] Create macro to variadically unroll a combinator function definition
+V 0 [CLJ-771] Move unchecked-prim casts to clojure.unchecked
V 0 [CLJ-992] `iterate` reducer
V 0 [CLJ-1039] Using 'def with metadata {:type :anything} throws ClassCastException
-T 0 [CLJ-1316] for doesn't support :let binding as it's first seq-expr
+T 0 [CLJ-1316] for doesn't support :let binding as its first seq-expr
V 0 [CLJ-1349] update to latest test.generative and prep for test.check
@@ -113,6 +113,10 @@ contributor, and it does not build and pass tests.
CLJ-1115 Open multi-arity-into.diff
+ Performance enhancement:
+ CLJ-15 Open lazy-incremental-hashes.diff
The tickets below are simply ones that seem like they might be a
reasonable amount of effort to create a patch, found by manual browing
26 clj-ticket-status/prescreened.txt
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
List of prescreened patches for CLJ project
-Date: February 14, 2014
+Date: February 24, 2014
The first letter on each patch summary line indicates the Approval of
the ticket: "T" for Triaged, "V" for Vetted, etc. After the ticket id
@@ -52,6 +52,8 @@ Prescreened patches *not* marked with Fix Version/s = "Release 1.6"
V CLJ-1104 Backlog clj-1104-doc-unsafety-of-concurrent-with-redefs-v1.txt
CLJ-1117 Open clj-1117.patch
CLJ-1240 Open 0001-CLJ-1240-Note-limits-of-clojure.walk-macroexpand-all.patch
+ CLJ-1337 Open 0001-Update-defprotocol-s-docstring-to-remove-an-out-of-d.patch
+T CLJ-1357 Triaged CLJ-1357-its-typo.patch
Better error reporting:
@@ -62,9 +64,11 @@ T CLJ-1107 Triaged 0003-CLJ-1107-Throw-exception-for-get-on-unsupported-ty
V CLJ-1130 Vetted clj-1130-v5.diff
CLJ-1162 Open CLJ-1162-p1.patch
CLJ-1189 Open CLJ-1189-p1.patch
+ CLJ-1210 Open extend-io-factory-to-nil.diff
CLJ-1257 Open clj-1257-2.diff
V CLJ-1261 Vetted clj-1261-2.diff
T CLJ-1282 Triaged CLJ-1282-p2.patch
+ CLJ-1297 Open better-error-messages-for-require.diff
CLJ-1319 Open 0001-CLJ-1319-Throw-on-odd-arguments-to-PersistentArrayMa.patch
CLJ-1341 Open keyword-1341-2014-02-12.2.patch
@@ -107,12 +111,14 @@ T CLJ-1225 Triaged clj-1225-2.txt
CLJ-1229 Open clj-1229-count-overflow-patch-v1.txt
CLJ-1237 Open CLJ-1237c.patch
CLJ-1241 Open 0001-fix-CLJ-1241.patch
-T CLJ-1250 Triaged CLJ-1250-AllInvokeSites-20140204.patch
T CLJ-1253 Triaged clj-1253-1.txt
T CLJ-1254 Triaged clj-1254-2.diff
CLJ-1275 Open 0001-Don-t-use-shorthand-for-typehints-when-print-dup.patch
CLJ-1317 Open 0001-CLJ-1317-fix-seq-zip-to-avoid-spurious-nils.patch
T CLJ-1330 Triaged 0001-Fix-CLJ-1330-make-top-level-named-functions-classnam.patch
+ CLJ-1358 Open CLJ-1358.patch
+T CLJ-1361 Triaged simple-ns-pprint-fix.patch
+T CLJ-1362 Triaged clj-1362-v1.patch
Language enhancement, reducers:
@@ -133,6 +139,7 @@ V CLJ-700 Vetted clj-700-7.diff
CLJ-1020 Open clj-1020-inspect-table-skip-nil-rows-patch2.txt
CLJ-1044 Open 001-enable-factory-ctor-inside-deftype.diff
CLJ-1060 Open list-star-fix.diff
+V CLJ-1148 Vetted clj-1148-defonce-3.patch
CLJ-1242 Open 0001-fix-for-CLJ-1242-tests.patch
Language/library enhancement:
@@ -170,7 +177,6 @@ T CLJ-1094 Triaged 0001-Add-zero-arity-variants-for-every-pred-and-some-fn
T CLJ-1219 Triaged 0001-CLJ-1219-make-identical-variadic.patch
CLJ-1239 Open 0002-CLJ-1239-protocol-dispatch-for-clojure.walk.patch
CLJ-1266 Open floats-intrinsics.diff
- CLJ-1287 Open clj-1287-3.diff
T CLJ-1293 Triaged CLJ-1293-v001.patch
T CLJ-1315 Triaged 0001-Don-t-initialize-classes-during-import.patch
CLJ-1324 Open clj-1324-1.patch
@@ -196,17 +202,27 @@ T CLJ-1295 Triaged clj-1295-1.diff
CLJ-1151 Open tiny-reducers-cleanup.diff
T CLJ-1313 Triaged clj-1313-v2.diff
CLJ-1314 Open clj-1314-v2.diff
+T CLJ-1351 Triaged 0001-remove-unused-swapThunk-method-generation.patch
Prescreened patches that are marked with Fix Version/s =
"Release 1.6", but not screened
+ Clojure language/library bug fixes:
+V CLJ-1355 Screenable clj-1355-v2.patch
+V CLJ-1363 Screenable clj-1363-v2.patch
Prescreened, and screened or accepted
+ Doc string fixes only:
+O CLJ-1359 Ok clj-1359.patch
+ Language/library enhancement:
+O CLJ-1354 Ok 0001-CLJ-1354-make-APersistentVector.SubVector-public.patch
(Note 1) Warnings/errors explicitly allowed in output of 'ant' command

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