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Update CLJ ticket status reports for February 7 2014

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1 parent f38e1e3 commit a4d8c6379f12ae1351254bc38d59c9573d8d60e3 @jafingerhut committed Feb 10, 2014
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@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
Tickets needing work for CLJ project
-Date: January 31, 2014
+Date: February 7, 2014
If you are a Clojure contributor, the tickets below could use some
work. Some are easy, some are not. If you've never added a patch
@@ -44,32 +44,25 @@ ticket is marked Incomplete (I).
I CLJ-944 Incomplete 0001-Fix-for-CLJ-944.patch
See comments for another patch 0002-Fix-for-CLJ-944.patch and
why it fails some tests, which are fixable.
-I CLJ-971 Bad: Match no state clj-971-2.patch
-I CLJ-1058 Incomplete sneakyThrow-clj-1058.diff
Allow more correct-looking Clojure code to work:
I CLJ-1148 Incomplete clj-1148-defonce-3.patch
- Code cleanup:
-I CLJ-1313 Bad: Match no state clj-1313-v2.diff
Tickets marked for Clojure Release 1.6 that have no prescreened
patches (see also Note 3 at the bottom):
-V 0 [CLJ-1335] PersistentList$EmptyList and empty LazySeq still returns old value for hasheq
-V 0 [CLJ-1336] Allow external collections to use standard collection hashing
+S 0 [CLJ-1335] PersistentList$EmptyList and empty LazySeq still returns old value for hasheq
Tickets needing work that have no prescreened patches. These are all
Triaged (T), Vetted (V), or Incomplete (I). The number after the
letter is the number of votes, and tickets have been sorted from most
to fewest votes.
+T 7 [CLJ-1107] 'get' should throw exception on non-Associative argument
T 6 [CLJ-440] java method calls cannot omit varargs
-T 6 [CLJ-1107] 'get' should throw exception on non-Associative argument
V 3 [CLJ-124] GC Issue 120: Determine mechanism for controlling automatic shutdown of Agents, with a default policy and mechanism for changing that policy as needed
V 3 [CLJ-445] Method/Constructor resolution does not factor in widening conversion of primitive args
V 2 [CLJ-415] smarter assert (prints locals)
@@ -107,7 +100,7 @@ V 0 [CLJ-731] Create macro to variadically unroll a combinator function defini
T 0 [CLJ-976] Implement reader literal and print support for PersistentQueue data structure
V 0 [CLJ-992] `iterate` reducer
V 0 [CLJ-1039] Using 'def with metadata {:type :anything} throws ClassCastException
-I 0 [CLJ-1282] The quote special form should throw an exception if passed more than one form to quote
+T 0 [CLJ-1289] aset-* and aget perform poorly on multi-dimensional arrays even with type hints.
T 0 [CLJ-1316] for doesn't support :let binding as it's first seq-expr
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
List of prescreened patches for CLJ project
-Date: January 31, 2014
+Date: February 7, 2014
The first letter on each patch summary line indicates the Approval of
the ticket: "T" for Triaged, "V" for Vetted, etc. After the ticket id
@@ -64,6 +64,7 @@ V CLJ-1130 Vetted clj-1130-v5.diff
T CLJ-1248 Triaged Include-type-information-in-reflection-warning-messa.patch
CLJ-1257 Open clj-1257-2.diff
V CLJ-1261 Vetted clj-1261-2.diff
+T CLJ-1282 Triaged CLJ-1282-p2.patch
CLJ-1319 Open 0001-CLJ-1319-Throw-on-odd-arguments-to-PersistentArrayMa.patch
Debug/tooling enhancement:
@@ -85,6 +86,7 @@ T CLJ-1274 Triaged CLJ-1274.patch
CLJ-457 Open clj-457-3.diff
T CLJ-825 Triaged clj-825-1.patch
+ CLJ-971 Open clj-971-2.patch
CLJ-1029 Open ns-patch.diff
CLJ-1059 Open 001-clj-1059-make-persistentqueue-implement-list.diff
or 002-clj-1059-asequential-rebased-to-cached-hasheq.diff
@@ -104,7 +106,7 @@ T CLJ-1225 Triaged clj-1225-2.txt
CLJ-1229 Open clj-1229-count-overflow-patch-v1.txt
CLJ-1237 Open CLJ-1237c.patch
CLJ-1241 Open 0001-fix-CLJ-1241.patch
-T CLJ-1250 Triaged CLJ-1250-AllInvokeSites-20140113.patch
+T CLJ-1250 Triaged CLJ-1250-AllInvokeSites-20140204.patch
T CLJ-1253 Triaged clj-1253-1.txt
T CLJ-1254 Triaged clj-1254-2.diff
CLJ-1275 Open 0001-Don-t-use-shorthand-for-typehints-when-print-dup.patch
@@ -156,6 +158,7 @@ V CLJ-771 Backlog clj-771-move-unchecked-casts-patch-v5.txt
CLJ-1010 Open 0001-CLJ-1010-Add-a-left-to-right-version-of-comp-comp.patch
CLJ-1063 Open clj-1063-add-dissoc-in-patch-v2.txt
TBD: Open ticket for clojure.incubator for this.
+T CLJ-1078 Triaged clj-1048-add-queue-functions.diff
T CLJ-1094 Triaged 0001-Add-zero-arity-variants-for-every-pred-and-some-fn.patch
CLJ-1095 Open 0001-map-indexed-accepts-multiple-collections.patch
0002-Add-test-for-multi-collection-map-indexed-fn.patch includes
@@ -167,10 +170,11 @@ T CLJ-1094 Triaged 0001-Add-zero-arity-variants-for-every-pred-and-some-fn
T CLJ-1219 Triaged 0001-CLJ-1219-make-identical-variadic.patch
CLJ-1239 Open 0002-CLJ-1239-protocol-dispatch-for-clojure.walk.patch
CLJ-1251 Open update.patch
- CLJ-1266 Open floats.diff
+ CLJ-1266 Open floats-intrinsics.diff
CLJ-1287 Open clj-1287-2.diff
T CLJ-1293 Triaged CLJ-1293-v001.patch
T CLJ-1315 Triaged 0001-Don-t-initialize-classes-during-import.patch
+ CLJ-1340 Open primitive-cohercion.diff
Performance enhancement:
@@ -189,26 +193,36 @@ T CLJ-1295 Triaged clj-1295-1.diff
CLJ-842 Open clj-842-update-clojure.pprint-metadata-v2.txt
CLJ-1151 Open tiny-reducers-cleanup.diff
+T CLJ-1313 Triaged clj-1313-v2.diff
CLJ-1314 Open clj-1314-v2.diff
Prescreened patches that are marked with Fix Version/s =
"Release 1.6", but not screened
+ Doc string fixes only:
+V CLJ-1345 Screenable clj-1345.patch
Clojure language/library bug fixes:
-V CLJ-1331 Screenable clj-1331-v1.diff
+V CLJ-1344 Screenable clj-1344-1.patch
- Code cleanup:
+ Language/library enhancement:
-V CLJ-1328 Screenable clj-1328-v4.diff
+V CLJ-1343 Screenable clj-1343-1.patch
Prescreened, and screened or accepted
- Code cleanup:
+ Doc string fixes only:
+S CLJ-1302 Screened clj-1302-2.patch
+ Clojure language/library bug fixes:
-S CLJ-1304 Bad: Match no state clj-1304-v2.diff
+S CLJ-1331 Screened clj-1331-v2.patch
+S CLJ-1339 Screened CLJ-1339.patch
(Note 1) Warnings/errors explicitly allowed in output of 'ant' command

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