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Ever since the mention of tablets I had always imagined Flash as being a core part of making rich interactive experiences that would immerse users into the application. Alas, no Flash on tablets really with an exception of a few devices, coupled with the growing support of HTML5 and CSS3 features in browsers, Flash has lost a great market share of online experiences. The Gaia Flash framework allowed easy development of multi-state applications to be authored and featured deep linking along with intro's and outro's for each scene. So this is my attempt to help others who miss this functionality and want to continue with their visions of immersing users with rich Internet applications.

This is not a direct port, so please do not expect to see the same features. It is a small attempt to create little bits of functionality that I hope to build upon more in the future.

Currently jQuery is at version 1.7.x, and new features are being added very quickly. One such feature that this project uses heavily is the deferred object. What it allows in code is the execution of functions in an orderly fashion, so no need to setTimeout's or setInterval's. The code you want to execute will do so when you instruct it to.

I currently have ported this ability to use the HTML5 History API. It was previously using SWF Address just as the Flash version had been utilizing. However, recent discussions against the hashbang "#!" has made me realize that using native browser abilities is the best way to go even if they are not fully implemented in all browsers.

I do not want to support every browser version, nor do I expect to. This is for future generation browsers that do not hold developers back. So if you want to make something that works cross browser, I suggest you use Flash because the web can't wait for every browser each time a new feature rolls out.

People downloaded plugins before to experience something awesome. They will download a different more capable browser if they really want to. Chances are they already have 2 or 3.

Thanks for checking this out.

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