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== 1.0.2 - 19-Jan-2005
- Created SVN repository for the code, docs and examples
- Added "RAGI Overview.html" a critical file that was missing from the gem
== 1.0.0 - 17-Dec-2005
- Moved RAGI from SourceForge to RubyForge
- Updated method names to be more consistent with Ruby and RoR naming conventions
- Packaged RAGI as a GEM
- Added instructions for launching RAGI inside of a Rails application
- Improved ability to map URI to call handlers
- Updated samples and docs as per above changes
- Added a README file for getting started quickly
- If you were using RAGI 0.0.1 from sourceforge, you will need to update your app since the API for this release is not backwards-compatible
== 0.0.1 - 12-Sep-2005
- Initial release