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A XeLateX template for your CV


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Friggen-Awesome CV is a XeLateX template for a CV or resumé based on CV-Friggeri-X by Nadorrano, with a dash of Awesome-CV by posquit0. Both of those templates are inspired by Fancy CV template, originally released by Adrian Friggeri.

Layout options

Default layout

The default template will fill the full width of the page with the content.


Layout with sidebar

You can also specify a sidebar template option to create an aside section:


The template uses minipage and geometry so content in sidebar and main sections are always aligned.


Other template options

  • A4 paper size: \documentclass[a4paper]{friggen-awesome-cv}
  • Black and white template: documentclass[nocolors]{friggen-awesome-cv}

Compiling the template

  1. Create a file with your contact info:

    $ cp sections/personal.template.tex sections/personal.tex

    You should do this to keep your personal contact, like email or phone number, out of a public repo.

  2. Compile the template using xelatex:

    $ xelatex resume.tex

    Alternatively, if you have latexmk installed you can use the provided Makefile to compile:

    • To create the pdf file: $ make or $ make all or $ make resume.pdf
    • To clean up temporary latex files: $ make decrap
    • To also delete the compiled pdf file: $ make clean

What's different from CV-Friggeri-X

New header

  • Adapted from Awesome CV by posquit0
  • Uses fancyhdr instead of TikZ
  • All contact info is now in header
  • Icons are created with FontAwesome
  • Removed the previous default black header


The latest version of biblatex broke the bibliography section of the original template. Since I wasn't using that section on my current resumé I commented that out. Maybe in the future I'll update that portion of the code. This might be a good starting point.


The original Friggeri CV is released under the MIT license. See FRIGGERI-LICENSE.

Nadorrano's CV-Friggeri-X and my version are released under CC BY-NC-SA license.

LaTeX FontAwesome is the binding for the FontAwesome icons used in this template.

Roboto is the open source font family created by Google for their visual language, Material Design.


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