A simple and configurable plotting library for p5.js
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grafica.js is a simple and configurable plotting library for p5.js. It's the javaScript version of the grafica Processing library. With it you can easily create 2D plots that will enjoy the full interactive capabilities of Processing in the web.

Main features

  • Make fancy scatter and linear plots that update in real time.
  • Display histograms in the vertical and horizontal directions.
  • Add several layers with different properties to the same plot.
  • It works both with linear and logarithmic scales.
  • Automatic axis tick determination.
  • Interactive zooming and panning. Make your data move!
  • Add labels to your points and display them with one click.
  • You can use images to represent your points.
  • Highly customizable. Defaults are nice, but you can tweak almost everything.
  • Processing coding style. If you are used to work with Processing (or p5.js), grafica.js will be very easy.
  • It comes with a good set of examples. Check them live at openprocessing and JSFiddle.
  • It's open source. grafica.js is under the GNU Lesser General Public License. You can find the complete source code here.


Download the latest minified library release and follow the steps described here.