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Tailwind - For the win!

My career...

Jags career

You can argue which is the best JS libraries/frameworks/whatever but Tailwind is 💯

Write once, run everywhere

  • Like jQuery Bootstrap played an import role in the days where browsers (IE) made web development difficult/impossible to get right

  • Development became easier/faster using prebuilt components

  • On boarding CSS didn't involve learning custom company css

  • Foundation and other UI kits followed!

  • It started appearing in job ads as a requirement!

  • The solution to every problem is probably to add a div!

  • All of this came at a cost!

Have we met before?

  • Sites started to look the same

  • You had to start overriding things

  • Specificity wars led to rise of !important

Less/Scss/Whatever to the rescue

  • Start providing your own variables

  • Hard to control use of nesting/mixins

  • Still one big css file at the end

  • Could enforce styling rules, but not naming

  • Had to run preprocessor

  • 'Normally' these css files live in a galaxy far far away from the code

Angular directives/React/Vue/Whatever changed the game

A component needs three things

  • template
  • css
  • js

But if you're using a JS library/framework do you still need a UI Kit?

For React - ReactStrap For Vue - vuetifyjs

  • You can't use normal version of Bootstrap... why would you want to?

  • You still have to learn their DSL

  • Still have to turn into detective to find out what is going on

  • You still have to override

  • You now have them as a dependency!

  • What happens if they don't fix a bug?

  • What happens when they don't move to Bootstrap 5 or next version of Material Design?

  • What happens if they stop supporting the version you're currently using?

  • What happens when one of your dependencies clashes with theirs!

  • Size is difficult to control

  • What happens if you switch library/framework?

So WTF is tailwind

  • Utility CSS

  • Think functional vs OO



  • Bootstrap already starting to do this with bootstrap utilities

  • Design tokens!

  • Design systems help provide constraints

  • Performance

Give utility css a chance

The future of CSS

We want to be able to create components with just the CSS we need with some hope it works as we intended

  • CSS in JS

  • CSS modules

  • Shadow dom!


Demos for my tailwind talk






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