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using System;
using Examples.FirstAutomappedProject.Entities;
using FluentNHibernate.Automapping;
namespace Examples.FirstAutomappedProject
/// <summary>
/// This is an example automapping configuration. You should create your own that either
/// implements IAutomappingConfiguration directly, or inherits from DefaultAutomappingConfiguration.
/// Overriding methods in this class will alter how the automapper behaves.
/// </summary>
class ExampleAutomappingConfiguration : DefaultAutomappingConfiguration
public override bool ShouldMap(Type type)
// specify the criteria that types must meet in order to be mapped
// any type for which this method returns false will not be mapped.
return type.Namespace == "Examples.FirstAutomappedProject.Entities";
public override bool IsComponent(Type type)
// override this method to specify which types should be treated as components
// if you have a large list of types, you should consider maintaining a list of them
// somewhere or using some form of conventional and/or attribute design
return type == typeof(Location);