A desperate need for an end-to-end tests #166

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After reading about bugs and other issues here and on the mailing list, I see that it's common when the problem, being fixed in one version, comes back two versions later to bite developers in the ass. So I'd like to propose that we have integration tests - that means going all the way from configuring the mapping to creating ISessionFactory/ISession and doing some basic operations.
I think this can grant us at least two things -
a) bugs won't come back, or at least, these situations will pop up with less frequency
b) we'll be able to pin point the problems when upgrading to future versions of NH
Any thoughts? Of course such goal can't be accomplished in a month, that's a long term investment.
What's more interesting about it - I think we can even turn some current unit-tests into integration tests by adding code to [TestFixtureTearDown] method.

dlwiii commented Sep 13, 2012

I agree this is a good long-term goal. My team is just getting started with FNH, so likely will not be able to help very soon, but we do want to eventually contribute.

firo222 commented Dec 6, 2012

i also would like to contribute, but since my time is very limited ATM it would be nice to have some checklist what to test first


I agree. I'll think about where to start on this, cause it's rather ambitious task

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