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OneToManyPart's Where method uses property name instead of column name from ClassMap #183

wilsonhut opened this Issue Oct 18, 2012 · 4 comments

4 participants

  • In the ClassMap...

Map(o => o.IsDeleted, "deleteFlag");

  • In the ClassMap...

HasMany(c => c.Orders).Where(c => c.IsDeleted == false);

... results in "Invalid column name 'IsDeleted'"

  • If I change the PROPERTY name from "IsDeleted" to "DeleteFlag", it doesn't fail. Shouldn't the Where go to the ClassMap for that property to get the column name from the mapping instead of using reflection to get the property name?

can u please post full example of your code?

Renandp commented Jan 23, 2014

Is lambda now working? I would like to specifiy the something like

HasMany(a => a.FilmActors).Where(a => a.Actor.Age <= 18);


Well, no one did fix this one, so I think the state of issue is unchanged

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