Bug when trying to change varchar length for CompositeId (reopen) #231

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dhait commented Jul 10, 2013

Would like to re-open Issue 200. A reply to OP in discussion group determined that this could be fixed on FluentNH side:

When the optional <column> element is specified, the type/length
information from the <key-property> element is ignored. These
attributes are there as a short-hand to avoid having the <column> element when there is only a single column.
To fix, fluent should either not give the <column> element when there is a single
column, or specify the length etc there instead of on <key-property>.

Net impact is that you can't currently specify a column name AND a length for a composite-id field which is a string. Can this be handled on the fluent sign? NH seems to show no interest in addressing this bug (or any other bugs, lately). In pure NH we would have a work-around by editing the XML file, but this is not an option in fluent.


Let me look into NH side of things first - if there's nothing I can do (which is highly likely given I know very little about NH codebase ), then I'll do my best to remedy the situation with Fluent. I'm on vacation right now, be back in 10 days and get right to it.

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