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Merge Fluent Interface and AutoMap #75

jagregory opened this Issue July 21, 2011 · 1 comment

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James Gregory firo222
James Gregory

Merge the Fluent Interface and AutoMappings into one awesome mapping.

What I envision is inspired by StructureMap. Something like the PersistenceModel is equatable to the Repository in StructureMap, where you supply it with mappings (analogous to types). Mappings can be supplied either as instances (or by type) or they can be automapped (analogous to Scanning).

public class MyPersistenceModel : PersistenceModel
  protected override void Initialise()




public class PersonMap : ClassMap<Person>
  protected override Initialise()

    Map(x => x.Name)

This ticket should be separated closer to the time of development!


is this still wanted? IMO this ticket can be closed because there is already an API for defining mappins with the .Mappings() extension method for Configuration

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