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Doing stuff

There's actually very little to the guts of a Gatling protocol, most of the code is there to support the DSL.

The only exception is the ProtocolConfigurationRegistry, which I haven't explored yet.


Ignore this. This represents your 3rd party library for doing whatever it is you're doing. Substitute your library of choice here.


This is the meat of a Gatling pipeline.

An Action handles actually doing stuff, namely executing your request, then recording the stats of that request.

In the execute method you call our to your 3rd party library, then ensure you call the following lines:

DataWriter.logRequest(session.scenarioName, session.userId, "Request " + requestName, requestStartDate, responseEndDate, endOfRequestSendingDate, endOfRequestSendingDate, requestResult, requestMessage)

This bit actually records the request; without this call you won't get any data in the output. Customise the parameters to your heart's content.

next ! session

This executes the next step in the action chain; without this call your pipeline will just hang indefinitely. Some of the other actions do some funky stuff with this to simulate conditionals etc...

That's it, that is a really basic action. Everything else from here on is magic for the DSL.

DSL specific stuff

There's a lot of it here. Some of it seems contrived and a bit over-engineered, but who am I to judge? Bare with me here...


The convention in Gatling seems to be to expose all the DSL starting/launching points from a class called Predef; the methods from these classes are statically imported to give us the top-level DSL methods (http primarily, and our ping).

Each method seems to just take a description as their only parameter, and then delegate to a factory method on a Builder class. In our case, we have a ping method which returns a PingBuilder instance.


This class feels unnecessary in this example, because we only have one kind of builder, but I've stuck to the convention anyway.

This builder represents the highest level of our DSL. It's easier to think of it in terms of the http library. This class contains the equivalent of the get, post, and delete methods which launch their own sub/mini DSL.

The methods in this class return a more specific builder, in our case the PingUrlBuilder, and in the http protocol the GetHttpRequestBuilder or the PostHttpRequestBuilder etc...


This is where all the customising methods live for the builder. Following convention again, in addition to whatever public DSL methods are needed this class exposes a build method which builds up the actual instance that will perform the request (in our case the Pinger instance, http it would be the 3rd party Request object).

This is where it starts to get a bit hairy in the DSL. The Gatling exec method takes a ActionBuilder, while we're currently using a PingUrlBuilder; for some reason to remedy this there's an implicit conversion done between the builder and an ActionBuilder. In our case we convert from PingUrlBuilder to a PingActionBuilder.


Finally, this is what creates the PingAction (the bit that does the actual work). It takes our PingUrlBuilder and creates a PingAction with it using the Actor stuff from Scala, I'm not familiar with that stuff so I'll leave this as an exercise for the reader.

This class also exposes a withNext method, which is something about the action chaining. It just creates a new instance of the builder with the same values but a different next step reference.