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Create a simple AJAX feedback control for your site. Depends on bootstrap-modal.js and jQuery.

Configuring the module

Add the following to your dependencies.yml to enable it:

    - play
    - play -> feedback 0.1

Add the routes into your routes file to enable the Google Checkout callback:

*    /    module:feedback

Optionally, configure your authenticated user session key (this defaults to username):

# Feedback


Insert #{ /} somewhere near the bottom of a page (or for site-wide usage, in your top-level template). This will append some Javascript to the page and on-ready, create a feedback link; when that link is clicked a bootstrap-modal dialog will be shown to submit feedback.

A Feedback entity is used, which stores its data in a table of the same name. No admin page is provided, but it shouldn’t be hard to knock one up.

Bugs etc…

The feedback module is provided as-is with no warranty or even expectation that it will work for you. It’s been extracted from an in-house solution and only tested on our one system. Feel free to raise issues on our Github repository.


  • v0.1: Initial version, nothing too fancy