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Freemarker tags for Apache Shiro, mirroring the JSP tags that ship with Shiro
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Apache Shiro tags for Freemarker

Apache Shiro comes with some handy JSP tags for doing things like only showing content for anonymous users, logged in users, etc... I'm using Freemarker and didn't want to take a dependency on JSP just for Shiro, so I rewrote the tags for Freemarker.


Either download the dist/shiro-freemarker-tags-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar or take all the java files and stick them in your project. Simple.

If there's enough demand, I could put this up on Maven.


Declare a shared variable called "shiro", and assign it to an instance of the ShiroTags class.

cfg.setSharedVariable("shiro", new ShiroTags());

You should then be able to use the tags in your Freemarker templates.

<@shiro.guest>Hello guest!</@shiro.guest>


Do what you want with it, just don't blame me if it breaks anything.

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