Spectra is a multi-purpose, for-fun and for-utility Discord bot!
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Spectra is a private, multi-purpose, for-fun and for-utility Discord bot!


Join jagrosh's Bots:

Join jagrosh

How can I add Spectra to my server?

First and foremost, Spectra is private. This means that you cannot add it to your server as you can with other bots. Additionally, Spectra does not support self-hosting, so you cannot run a copy yourself. This is for my own protection, as in the past people have tried to host their own "public versions" of Spectra without my permission. If you believe that Spectra is the only bot that would fulfill your server's needs, you may join the server listed above and contact jagrosh#4824. Spectra is designed to be the core moderation and utility bot for a server, and thus is primarily used by servers with large numbers of members (usually a couple thousand) and without many, if any, other bots.

Read the Wiki

If you have questions, there is a very high chance the question is answered in the wiki (often the Getting Started page): https://github.com/jagrosh/Spectra/wiki

About this repository

The code here is strictly an example (Currently, it is the legacy code). Running this code on your own is not supported; I will not be providing the resources necessary to self-host.