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🚩 What are strikes?

Strikes are points that users accumulate for misbehaving. Strikes are often represented by the triangular-flag emoji (🚩). Whenever a user receives strikes, they are sent a private message detailing the amount and reason for their strikes. When a user accumulates too many strikes, they are automatically punished according to the server's settings!

🚩 How do I set what punishments are given at different numbers of strikes?

Easy! Just use the >>punishment command. Here's the usage:

>>punishment <number> <action> [time]

This will cause the given action to be taken on a user when they reach the designated number of strikes. For example, if you want to ban people when they reach 3 strikes, you'd use:

>>punishment 3 ban

The available actions include Ban, Softban, Kick, Mute, and None. For Ban and Mute, you can also specify an amount of time. So, let's say that at 2 strikes you want to mute someone for 10 minutes; simply use:

>>punishment 2 mute 10 minutes

🚩 How do I give/take away strikes?

To manually give someone strikes, use the >>strike command. To remove strikes, use the >>pardon command. The usage for these commands is as follows:

>>strike [number of strikes] <users...> <reason>
>>pardon [number of strikes] <users...> <reason>

For example, to give 3 strikes to allthefoxes#9999, quikblend#0001, and Jake#0001 for being rude, you'd do:

>>strike 3 @allthefoxes#9999 @quikblend#0001 @Jake#0001 being rude

To pardon 2 of those strikes from Jake#0001 (let's say it was an accident), you'd do:

>>pardon 2 @Jake#0001 accident

To check a user's strikes, use the >>check command

>>check @Generic#5555

🚩 How do I make Vortex automatically give strikes?

Vortex automatically gives strikes via AutoMod. To have Vortex give strikes automatically for bad behavior, please check out the Auto-Moderation section.

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