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PhocoderRails is a rails engine that makes it incredibly easy to integrate your rails app with the Phocoder image processing service.


Add this to your Gemfile:

gem "phocoder-rails", :require => 'phocoder_rails'

And then run:

bundle install

Then you need to generate a config file and a migration for tracking job status.

rails g phocoder_rails:setup
create db/migrate/xxxxxxxx_create_encodable_jobs.rb
create config/phocodable.yml

Base Configuration


  • Setting storage mode
  • Setting processing mode (foreground / background processing)
  • Other?

Generating a new model & scaffolding

Letting PhocoderRails generate a new model and scaffold for you is probably the easiest way to get started and to get a feel for how Phocoder works.

rails g phocoder_rails:scaffold image_upload
create  db/migrate/20120731022844_create_image_uploads.rb
create  app/models/image_upload.rb
create  app/models/image_upload_thumbnail.rb
create  app/helpers/image_uploads_helper.rb
create  app/controllers/image_uploads_controller.rb
create  app/views/image_uploads
create  app/views/image_uploads/_form.html.erb
create  app/views/image_uploads/index.html.erb
create  app/views/image_uploads/new.html.erb
create  app/views/image_uploads/show.html.erb
 route  resources :image_uploads, :except=>[:edit,:update]

Then run

rake db:migrate

Updating an existing model

You can also update an existing model. First generate a migration that will add some extra columns to your table.

rails g phocoder_rails:model_update my_model

You should read the migration after it is generated to make sure that it makes sense within the context of your model.

Then run

rake db:migrate

Then you should make sure that your form is set up for multi part encoding, and that you have a file_field in your form named file.

<%= f.file_field :file %>

Model Configuration

PhocoderRails allows you to easily set up your image processing in a simple declarative style. The acts_as_phocodable method hooks phocoder-rails into your model and allows you to easily decalre multiple thumbnails that will be generated any time a new model record is created. Thumbnails can include cropping, framing, and annotations.

Here's an ImageUpload class that shows and example of how to use acts_as_phocodable :

class ImageUpload < ActiveRecord::Base

  acts_as_phocodable :thumbnail_class => "ImageUploadThumbnail",
    :thumbnails => [
      {:label=>"small",  :width=>100, :height=>100, :aspect_mode => 'crop'},
      {:label=>"medium", :width=>400, :height=>400, :aspect_mode => 'preserve',
        :frame=>{ :width=>20, :bottom=>50, :color=>'003' },
          {:text=>"Annotation Testing",:pointsize=>30,:fill_color=>'fff',:gravity=>"South",:y=>10},


This will result in two 'thumbnail' images being created every time a new image is uploaded. One will be exactly 100x100 square, and the other one will be scaled proportionally to fit inside 400x400, with a 20 pixel border on top, left, and right, and a 50 pixel border on bottom, with text annotations added on top and on the bottom of the image.

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Storage and Processing Modes


A rails plugin for phocoder.



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