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Let MrBean generate most of the boiler plate for you!


Based on the open source plugin: Guava Generators


  1. Download the plugin binary
  2. Go to: File > Settings... > Plugins > Install plugin from disk... and select


Execute the Code > Generate... action (alt + insert) and select the method(s) that you want to generate.


To change the templates, open the plugin settings panel: File > Settings... > Other Settings > MrBean. There you can edit them to suit your needs.

If you want to reset a template, just press the big ugly Default button at its right.

You can generate several utility methods for one single field using ##~ as a separator in the templates. Ie:

private List<String> list;
private Optional<LocalDate> optional;
private Set<Double> set;
private Map<Integer, Locale> map;

/** @see #list */
public void setList (List<String> list) {
    this.list = list;

/** @see #list */
public void setList (String... list) {
    setList (Arrays.asList (list));

/** @see #optional */
public void setOptional (Optional<LocalDate> optional) {
    this.optional = optional;

/** @see #optional */
public void setOptional (LocalDate optional) {
    setOptional (Optional.ofNullable (optional));

/** @see #set */
public void setSet (Set<Double> set) {
    this.set = set;

/** @see #set */
public void setSet (Double... set) {
    setSet (new HashSet<> (Arrays.asList (set)));

/** @see #map */
public void setMap (Map<Integer, Locale> map) { = map;

/** @see #map */
public void setMap (Map.Entry<Integer, Locale>... map) {
    setMap (Stream.of (map).collect (Collectors.toMap (Map.Entry::getKey, Map.Entry::getValue)));

Some ideas (TODO)

  • Add tests
  • Port to Kotlin
  • Rearrange methods in class after generating code
  • Add support for 'EnumSet' in 'with' and 'set'
  • Add 'toString' version to avoid 'nulls' like:
Stream.of (
  new AbstractMap.SimpleEntry<> ("field1", field1),
  new AbstractMap.SimpleEntry<> ("field2", field2)
.filter (e -> e.getValue () != null)
.map (e -> e.getKey () + ": " + e.getValue ())
.collect (joining (", ", this.getClass().getSimpleName() + " {", "}"))
  • Add comparator, constructor and all together.
  • Add actions dinamically depending on templates in settings. Check the action system.
  • Change settings for a table that opens method details when one is selected.
  • Refactor the '##~' hack to have multiple methods per generator.
  • Call other generators. Ie: constructor with parameters.
  • Use code editors to change the templates.


Let MrBean generate most of the boiler plate for you!




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