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🌲 A list of companies using Elm in production.
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Elm Companies

A curated list of companies using Elm in production, organized by industry.

Inspired by Doomspork's Elixir companies list.


  • CARFAX (GitHub) - CARFAX provide a comprehensive vehicle history database for North America.
  • carwow (GitHub) - Based in London and Munich, carwow is the most convenient, stress-free way to find and buy a new car, at a price you can be confident in, and we love Elm!


  • CBANC Network - Largest network of banking professionals with tools for banks to collaborate as well as manage their business. We have converted all new front-end development to Elm.


  • NLX (GitHub) - Using NLX, you can build and manage conversational AI applications without programming. Instead, users work with a web app and visual editor built entirely in Elm using the elm-arborist package. NLX is based in New York City.


  • Concourse CI (Github) - Concourse CI is a container-based open-source continuous thing-doer written in Go with an Elm UI and a powerful CLI. Concourse is backed by a team at Pivotal Software in Toronto, Canada and an active community of open source contributors.


  • Gripeless (GitHub) - We offer a widget that you can install on your website which is built entirely in Elm. Based in Poland, Gripeless improves products with user complaints.
  • Virtual Airwaves - our web client for many-to-many push-to-talk communications is written in Elm. Virtual Airwaves is located in Sunnyvale, California.


  • Adrima (Github) (Medium) - Adrima is a Spanish development company with more than 10 years of experience who loves building software using the greatest technologies. We use Elm extensively in our product related to employment.
  • Bekk (GitHub) - Bekk is a Norwegian consulting company with more than 400 employees.
  • Bendyworks (GitHub) - Bendyworks is a team of passionate developers in Madison, Wisconsin dedicated to sharing joy and success in our craft.
  • (GitHub) - studio for strategy, design and code in Berlin, Germany. We build mobile games and web applications with Elm and other technologies
  • Driebit (Github) - Web development agency based in Amsterdam. We work on projects that contribute to positive change. These are some of the projects that use Elm.
  • Futurice (GitHub) - Futurice helps clients generate innovative ideas and turn them into software that works.
  • Gizra (GitHub) - Gizra build websites.
  • jambit - jambit is an innovative software company. We offer conception and development of customer-specific software solutions and draw on various industry expertise and the latest technological know-how.
  • Test Double (GitHub) - Test Double is an agency of highly-skilled developers on a mission to improve how the world writes software.
  • thoughtbot (GitHub) (Blog) - With over 10 years of experience, offices in major tech hubs, and a staff of developers and designers from startup backgrounds, thoughtbot can assist in all steps of the business and development process.
  • Webbhuset (GitHub) - Is a consultancy firm based in Gothenburg & Stockholm, Sweden that Develops E-Commerce websites for some of the world's biggest brands including L'ORÉAL, Mary Kay and HaperCollins. They have deployed 6 Elm SPAs on behalf of their clients in the past two years. More detail in this Elm Europe 2019 Talk
  • - is an international team of talents located around the globe (Germany, UK, India & Sweden). We are well versed in functional programming and strive to build quality software.


  • Butternut Box (Github) - Based in London, Butternut is the modern way to feed your dog; Freshly prepared dog food. Cooked like you would at home. Delivered in perfect portions. We love Elm ❤️
  • Drip (GitHub) - Offices in Minneapolis, MN and Salt Lake City, UT. Ecommerce CRM. We have a large and growing Elm code base and several developers who are excited about Elm.
  • Rakuten (GitHub) - Global electronic commerce and Internet company based in Japan
  • Zalora - Based in Singapore, Zalora is the leading fashion e-commerce shop in Southeast Asia. We utilize Elm for our shop's catalog, improving the customer's experience when shopping with us.


  • DailyDrip (GitHub) - DailyDrip is a continuous education platform. Daily bite-sized videos on new tech.
  • eSpark Learning (Blog, Github) - We help teachers in public schools provide fun, differentiated, and measurably effective lessons for their K-8 students. eSpark is proud to use and support Elm. Many of the organizers of the Elm in the Spring conference are part of the eSpark team, headquartered in Chicago and San Francisco (alongside remote locations).
  • Mimo (Github) - We're on a mission to find the best way to learn in a digital world.
  • NoRedInk (GitHub) - NoRedInk provide a language learning platform for children. Evan Czaplicki, the creator of Elm, is a NoRedInk employee.
  • Roompact - Roompact is a Chicago-based company that makes a residential education, learning, and engagement platform used by university residence life departments.
  • Watermark - Watermark provides educational intelligence software to help higher ed institutions break down data silos, demonstrate quality, and improve student outcomes. Headquartered in New York with offices in Austin, Denver, Milwaukee, Portland (ME), and Mohali (India).


  • CircuitHub (GitHub) - CircuitHub provide on demand electronics manufacturing with instant quotes.


  • Basiq (GitHub) Basiq is the best aggregation platform for acquiring financial data. We provide secure access to hundreds of financial institutions through a simple set of RESTful APIs.
  • FörsäkringsGirot - FörsäkringsGirot is a Swedish company that helps major companies manage their employee pensions, and ensures everyone gets paid correctly.
  • iZettle (GitHub) iZettle is a one-stop shop for cutting-edge commerce tools — offering everything you need to take quick payments, ease day-to-day management, and get the funding to grow.


  • Illuminate (Github) - Illuminate equips radiology departments with critical data to save time and money, improve quality and safety, monitor productivity
    and efficiency, and enhance diagnostic accuracy.
  • SMRxT (Blog) - SMRxT’s medication adherence system, Nomi, records patient medication behavior as it happens. By using real-time insights, the system reinforces positive behavior and intervenes to help patients take their medication and continue their treatment.
  • VisuWell (GitHub) - Elm powers Chattanooga, Tennessee USA-based VisuWell's video conferencing (telemedicine) user interface.

Human Resources

  • Culture Amp (Github) Culture Amp makes it easy to collect, understand and act on employee feedback. Based in Melbourne with offices in San Francisco, New York, Palo Alto, and London.
  • TruQu (GitHub) - TruQu provide a HR solution to collect and analyze feedback, giving employees control over their own development.


  • Acko Insurance (Github) - Acko is an Insurance company from India with over 20 million customers
  • Coya (GitHub) - Coya is a German digital insurance. Definitely different: 0% administrative burden. 0% paperwork.
  • Frende Forsikring (Github) - Frende Forsikring is a Norwegian insurance company with over 250,000 customers
  • Insurello (GitHub) - Insurello is a Swedish InsurTech company that helps people get compensation from their insurance companies.


  • Idein (GitHub) - Actcast is an IoT platform service which links events and data in the physical world to the Web with deep learning inference on the edge devices.


  • Blissfully (GitHub) - Blissfully is a SaaS management platform, providing visibility into an organizations SaaS apps' usage and spend, along with powerful workflows to manage change. Headquarters in NYC, engineering is remote friendly, with 50% outside NYC.


  • Azara (GitHub) - Canada - Azara is a set of web and mobile tools that keeps your cannabis business compliant and make regulation documentation easy. Azara stays up to date with regulations and assists in reducing your risk of fines from State audits.
  • CalculoJuridico (Github) - CalculoJuridico is a lawtech solution to help Brazilian lawyers calculate their client retirement options. Our new front-end is being rebuild from zero with Elm as of September 2018.
  • Scrive (Github) - Sweden - Scrive is the Nordic market leader in electronic signature solutions. Our whole product makes heavy use of functional programming in its implementation and recently we've started to implement more of our frontend in Elm. We now have an admin console written entirely in Elm, and our electronic ID service exclusively uses elm for its frontend. We intend for the amount of elm in our codebase to increase even more over the next year.

Location Marketing

  • PinMeTo (Github) - location based marketing technology company.

Log Management

  • Humio (Github) - Humio is is a log management platform purpose-built for the scale of today’s data volumes by enabling users to Log Everything to Answer Anything, all in Real-Time. We are a distributed team, mostly in Denmark and the US. The front end is nearly 100% Elm (95k lines of Elm code).


  • HubTran (GitHub) - Back office automation for transportation companies. Fully remote team, headquartered in Chicago.
  • Logistically - Transportation management SaaS for 3PLs, brokers, and shippers.
  • Stowga (Github) - Stowga is the world's warehousing marketplace. Based in London

Market Research

  • GlobalWebIndex - GlobalWebIndex provides consumer profiling data to publishers, media agencies and marketers to help them understand their audiences. Remote engineering team, based in London.

Media Services

  • Hearken (GitHub) - Hearken provides process consulting and supporting technology for media organizations to better engage with their audience.
  • Nomalab (GitHub) - Nomalab is a digital logistics platform for producers, content owners, distributors, broadcasters and publishers.


Project Management

  • PivotalTracker (GitHub) - Pivotal Tracker provide a project management tool for agile software development teams.

Product Sampling

  • SoPost - SoPost is a product sampling platform. Nearly always hiring in Newcastle & Edinburgh (UK).


  • Day One (GitHub) - Day One is a simple and beautiful way to archive your life.
  • Gingko (GitHub) - "Outliner + index cards" for planning, organizing, and drafting complex documents.
  • Level (GitHub) - Distraction-free communication for software teams.
  • Symbaloo (GitHub) Make your online life easier by keeping all your favorite websites organized in a visually-appealing, personalized environment. Symbaloo is based in Delft, The Netherland.
  • RexPad - Nimble collaborative note-taking.

Real Estate

  • EXR (GitHub) - EXR is a residential and commercial real estate brokerage building a better experience for buying, selling, and leasing real estate.

Rummage sales

Social Media

  • wonktonk - Where policy wonks propose and refine solutions to challenging public problems


Sustainability Technology

  • (Gitlab, GitHub) - helps individuals bring nature back in to their urban environment.


  • Beautiful Destinations (GitHub) - Beautiful Destinations is the award-winning creative agency behind the largest travel community on social media.
  • Click Travel - We’re shaping the future of business travel with our award-winning corporate travel management and booking platform – built on the foundations of trust, choice and great people. Based in Birmingham, UK. Hiring remotely anywhere in the UK.
  • Emirates - National airline of the United Arab Emirates.
  • AS Tallink Grupp (GitHub) - one of the biggest shipping companies currently operating in the Baltic Sea, with cruise and shuttle ships traveling between Tallinn, Helsinki, Stockholm, Riga and other major cities in the region.
  • Vy (GitHub) - Norway's national bus and railway company. The majority of the website and ticket booking is written in Elm.


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.

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