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You may choose to not save your work and instead use Gridpaste as merely a tool to perform Geometry. However, If you wish to save and share start by pressing the "Start Record" button, i.e.:


If you began to place elements and perform computations on the board BEFORE initiating the recording the board will be reset and your work will be lost. You will know your work is recording by seeing "Start Record" replaced by "Recording"; you may at anytime however start over by pressing "clear."

After you have finished your work complete the paste by pressing "End Record," you will see that a new set of actions will become available:

Here, clear has been replaced wih "reset" which will delete your current paste and start the board anew. You may preview your paste once before saving and sharing by pressing the "play" button. Once you are ready to save and share press the "Share" button and you will be asked to give a title to your grid paste.

Complete and save your work by typing in a title and pressing ENTER (or the return key).

You will then be presented with a permalink to share your grid paste. If you want further control sign up and create an account to manage and edit your pastes.


  • You may transform a single point or vector on the plane by giving the point's identifier (.e.g. 'A') with the number 0 as the label, e.g.:

  • There are times when you may want to delete previously placed text and need the identifier of the text on the board, this is possible by hovering the text like so:

  • Keep in mind that zooming in or out on the board is recorded (and undoable) which can become quite handy for large structures

  • Gridpaste works on tablets that are the size of the ipad or Galaxy Note 10.1!

  • Structures on the plane may be drag-and-dropped to any location on the board. They are undoable and saved as a special case of the translation mapping.