Project for testing and playing with NHibernate
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Project for testing and playing with NHibernate using in-memory SQLite.

Considering the state of documentation of NHibernate, this is a project I am using to get familiar with NHibernate behavior.

Some stuff I have learned can be seen on wiki (when I bothered to write it down).


Here are some greate sources when you want to learn NHibernate.

  • Summer of NHibernate - Old (2008), but probably best and most comprehensible source for NHiberante. It is missing LINQ and QueryOver.It starts with NHibernate 1.2, last screencast is about 2.0.
  • NHibernate 3 Beginner's Guide - I wasn't impressed by this book, it would be much better as a screencast - about half of book are tutorial do this, do that, basically script for screencast. Too much attention to implicit mapping. Some good notes about testing queries.
  • NHibernate cookbook - I haven't read this one yet.