ConfSolve: System Configuration Solver (My PhD Research)
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v0.7 -- Autonomous configuration management via constraint programming. My PhD research -- very beta.


Before running ConfSolve, you will need to install:

  • Make (Windows users: download)

  • OCaml binary distribution

  • Gecode 3.7.3 (or later). Mac users should download the .dmg. Windows users should download the installer. Linux users should build from source and run ldconfig afterwards. Windows only: After installing Gecode, open a command prompt and run fz -help. If you get an error message then you need to install the appropriate Visual C++ Runtime.

  • MiniZinc 1.5.1 (or later). Windows users should download and run the installer. Mac/Linux users should extract the .tar.gz to a permanent location such as /usr/local/bin and run ./SETUP, then add the MiniZinc bin directory to the PATH. The install works if mzn2fzn --version can be run. See my MiniZinc guide for more information.

Build from Source

cd confsolve


Use the solve script to run the complete ConfSolve toolchain:

./solve filename.csm

Alternatively, run each stage yourself using these instructions on the wiki.


Apache License, Version 2.0


This work was funded by Microsoft Research through their European PhD Scholarship Programme.