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Welcome to the Frames wiki!

On the right, you will find a sidebar with all links to every part of the Wiki, organized to be easy to follow. Although everything is listed below too 😄.

Dashboard setup website

I have created a cool website to help you getting started with any of my dashboards.

Setup process

This list represents the step-to-step process to setup Frames. It's organized so it's easier to follow. (Although you can do it in the order you want.)

  1. First steps
  2. Setting build.gradle up
  3. Setting AndroidManifest.xml up
  4. Change app icons
  5. Setting colors up
  6. Setting MainActivity.kt up
  7. Setting strings.xml up
  8. Setting frames_configs.xml up
  9. Setting up Credits
  10. Optimize your wallpapers
  11. Setting up the JSON file
  12. Setting up Muzei support
  13. Enabling notifications
  14. Update your app's changelog
  15. Publish your app! 😃
  16. Update to latest version
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