Kolyma is Python project to process and analyse sleddog sports event results
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Kolyma is Python project to process and analyse sleddog sports event results.

Dependencies: +pandas

Raw data is provided as a CSV file, which is ingested by the Python program. The program splits the data into seasons (based on date), events (based on event name), classes (based on classes), and then processes the data according to given set of rules.

The first version of Kolyma will provide:

  1. Season score table
  2. Club score analytics
  3. Race class analytics

This project is an open source project managed by Finnish Sleddog Sports Federation (VUL.fi). For more information, please contact jukkis.ahonen@gmail.com

Club points system

Per season, Kolyma will calculate the points as follows:

In Scope: Events within the specified time frame Classes with OFFICIAL = True in source data Classes where Set of Clubs (unique) where Status = 'Null'

Set of Clubs will be arranged in order based on their highest placing athlete. Points in order in Set are awarded as: 1st place - 6 points 2nd place - 4 points 3rd place - 2 points

Each other Club with a record within the Class where Status = 'Null' are awarded 1 point.

Output system

Output root folder is /www

Each season will be created under the output root folder, for example: /www/2017-2018/ /www/2018-2019/

Season score will be stored in season folder, including all Clubs in Season and their Total score: /www/2017-2018/seasonscore.html

Club analysis will be stored under season folder: /www/2017-2018/clubs/CLUBNAME.html

Class analysus will be stored under season folder: /www/2017-2018/classes/CLASSNAME.html