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A simple maker-compiler to coffeescript and other langs

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With this you can create files on fly or compile coffee to javascript files. The word can multiple meanings:

  • Compile ja(h) - like we say in my country to "Compile now"

First intended to my own projects, but it help me to compile multiple coffee-script sources in javascript files.


  $ npm install jah-compiler


Thought to be used in Cakefiles, jah-compiler see for files in src/ folder; these files, at this momoment, must have .coffee files; this module use coffee-script-redux to do the compilation process, and specfolder to parse a mapping the filenames in src/ folder:

The code is very simple, call jah-compiler with a callback that shows the generated javascript data:

compile = require 'jah-compiler'

task 'build', 'rebuild the custom src files in src/ folder', (options) ->
    compile (javascriptdata) ->
        console.log javascriptdata
        console.log "DONE"
  • ./src/ => ./lib/somefile.js
  • ./src/ => ./test/somefile.js
  • ./src/ => ./examples/somefile.js
  • ./src/ => ./somefolder/another/somefile.js

Test and build

Clone the project and run tests:

  $ git clone
  $ npm test

you will see this:

  { src: 'src/', dest: 'lib/compiler.js' }
  { src: 'src/', dest: 'test/compiler.js' }
  { src: 'src/', dest: 'test/g.js' }
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