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Progressive Enhancement Build Status

A site for all things progressively enhanced. -

I want this to be the place where people go to learn about progressive enhancement. For now categories are articles, examples, tools, talks and guidelines, but this could change. Once we have gathered enough resources, I will process the data and PRs sent, (probably) recategorise them and redesign the site (this is just a placeholder).

If there are any resources related with progressive enhancement that you have bookmarked or found interesting, please submit them using this form, which can also be found embedded on the site.

You can also create new files as PRs on GitHub and therefore get proper credit for your help. This is the pattern for a single resource.

title: "Understanding Progressive Enhancement"
author: "Aaron Gustafson"
site: "A List Apart"

An explanation of Progressive Enhancement.

site is optional, but please fill in the others. Copy than, then click on one of these links submit resources quickly using the web interface:

  • Article: For articles that talk about progressive enhancement, the good and the bad.
  • Example: For tutorials/code samples/specific articles applied to a pattern where PE was applied.
  • Tool: A tool/service that helped you enhance the experience or that it's built with that foundation.
  • Guideline: A set of rules that define how to approach work with PE, maybe from a company or a person's site.
  • Talk: Videos of talks about progressive enhancement.
  • Other: Anything that doesn't apply to the others. Books, podcasts, etc.

I will try to go through some PRs while at the conference!

If you want to contribute even more (thanks!), this site is built on Jekyll so feel free to open an issue, send a PR or tweet me at @jaicab_.


A site for all things progressively enhanced






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