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Package Control.sublime-settings

My Sublime Text 2 settings

Soda Theme


Go to your Packages directory:

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 2/Packages/

Clone as your User packages:

git clone User

link subl command line

ln -s "/Applications/Sublime Text" /usr/local/bin/subl


Go to your User Packages directory:

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Sublime\ Text\ 2/Packages/User

Pull on the repo:

git pull


  • you can bind ⌘R to run the current file and ⌘⇧R to run the current test. The tests will run in Terminal.

  • ⌘ P

    • ⌘ P and then type ”@”, that gives you a list of all the methods in this file.
    • ⌘ P and then type ”:” followed by a number, that jumps to the specified line number in this file.
  • ^ Space, also you can explore classes and methods by clicking on them while holding the Alt key.

  • Shift+Ctrl+space To trigger manual codeintel autocompletion use .

  • Make a selection, then command + option + control + ] an alignment tool and not a full-blown beautifier. It works best when there's one assignment per line

  • Rails Related Files : lets imagine you "right clicked" on the following file/s (Screenshot 2) or by using the "⌘⇧O" shortcut (Screenshot 1) it will search for files:

posts_controller.rb under app/controllers

RubyMotionBuilder Usage

RubyMotion syntax

  1. Open *.rb or Rakefile in your RubyMotion project
  2. You can see the "RubyMotion" on status bar in right bottom corner. Otherwise, it's not working. If Sublime Text 2 cache keep syntax as "Ruby", please close and open the file.

note: RubyMotion detection rule is projtect's Rakefile contains "Motion", or not.

Code completion

  1. Inside your RubyMotion project just start typing the name of a method and the autocomplete window will pop up.
  2. Press enter/return to trigger the completion.


  1. Open *.rb or Rakefile in your RubyMotion project and enter [command + b].
  2. Wait for the console to notify you the message "[Finished]".
  3. If you get a error, you can jump to it with press [F4]

note: Default target is Simulator. If you want to change the target, please edit "RubyMotion.sublime-build".


  1. Open the Command Palette using [command + shift + p] and enter "clean".
  2. Select RubyMotionBuilder: Clean from the popup menu and press [return]
  3. Wait for the console to notify you the message "[Finished]".


  1. Open *.rb or Rakefile in your RubyMotion project and enter [command + r]. If you want to enable retina, please enter [shift + command + r].
  2. Wait for the will kick Simulator.
  3. If you want to modify code and to try again, just re-enter [command + r]. Then, automatically post "quit" to and re-execute "rake".

note: Goto symbol was assigned to [control + r]


  1. Open *.rb or Rakefile in your RubyMotion project and enter [command + option + b].
  2. Wait for the console to notify you the message "[Finished]".

Syntax/Completions generator

These two commands also supported in Command Pallet.

  • RubyMotionBuilder: Generate syntax will generate syntax and snippets from Ruby syntax.
  • RubyMotionBuilder: Generate completions will generate completions from BridgeSupport files of RubyMotion.


if get an error message like "'': Device not configured" then do,

git remote set-url origin

Here is the stackoverflow answer for this issue.