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Commits on Jul 17, 2015
  1. Merge branch 'patch/readme'

  2. Merge branch 'patch/laboratory'

Commits on Apr 21, 2015
Commits on Aug 5, 2014
  1. Laboratory's readme.

  2. Save relations implementation.

Commits on Aug 3, 2014
  1. @davidpersson

    Showing difference between renderer url and router match methods.

    davidpersson committed
    - Adding tests to prove behavior using empty array as first parameter
    - Adding documentation for renderer handlers.
    Refs #973.
Commits on Aug 2, 2014
  1. @davidpersson

    Skip parsing _FILES if globals is off in action request.

    davidpersson committed
    - Expanding documentation.
    - Using non strict comparison in condition.
Commits on Jul 29, 2014
  1. @davidpersson
  2. @davidpersson

    Use long name in cast.

    davidpersson committed
  3. @davidpersson
  4. @davidpersson
  5. @davidpersson

    Optimzing name extraction/formatting methods in Database.

    davidpersson committed
    Dropping unnecessary is_string check.
  6. @davidpersson


    davidpersson committed
  7. @davidpersson
  8. @davidpersson
  9. @davidpersson
  10. @davidpersson
  11. @davidpersson
  12. @davidpersson

    Optimize Download shorthand header detection.

    davidpersson committed
    This change is in line with comparison when detecting the location header
    in action\Response. Will now not detect `DOWNLOAD` or `dOwnlOAD` as the
    shorthand header anymore.
  13. @davidpersson
  14. @davidpersson
Commits on Jul 28, 2014
  1. @nateabele

    Merge pull request #1107 from gavD/cli-coverage-summaries

    nateabele committed
    Add summary stats for CLI
  2. @gavD

    Add summary stats for CLI

    gavD committed
    It is useful to have summary statistics for code coverage on the CLI as well as through a web browser
  3. Merge pull request #1094 from warrenseymour/bug/isset-dot-notation

    Allow isset on Documents to use dot notation. Fixes #1093
  4. @warrenseymour
Commits on Jul 11, 2014
  1. @nateabele

    Merge pull request #1103 from jails/bug/message-body

    nateabele committed
    Changes behavior for encoding `null` body in JSON as an empty string.
  2. Changes behavior for encoding `null` body in JSON as an empty string.…

    … The former '[]' representation can't work for GET queries.
  3. @nateabele

    Merge pull request #1102 from jails/bug/mongo-conditions-casting

    nateabele committed
    Adds a cast option to allow to cast as a content element for array based field.
Commits on Jun 9, 2014
  1. @nateabele

    Merge pull request #1098 from tmaiaroto/dev

    nateabele committed
    Add webhook to Travis-CS yml config
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