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Welcome to the Lithium Wiki!

This is where we keep and maintain several documents which aren't part of the official manual. These include introductive/informational documents as well technical specifications and those relating to core development in general.

Getting Started



Specifications (or specs for short) help us taking Lithium even further. A spec either has draft or standard status and can hold nearly anything that may influence, align or guide the project in technical, visual or other theoretical ways.

Drafts are the first step to a standard and are - in contrast to standards - incomplete or prototypical. Some drafts have already been partially implemented or influenced the development, others may not be active anymore and kept for historical purposes. Standards have been fully implemented (technical specs) or respected/followed by the development team (non-technical specs).



RFC (Request for Comments)

While Specifications can really get into the details or cover broader topics, RFCs come straight to the point.

We keep RFCs as labeled tickets in our issue tracker: https://github.com/UnionOfRAD/lithium/issues?labels=rfc

Feel free to open a new RFC in case you want to discuss the direction the framework is taking in a certain area i.e. How should localized validation work?.