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Multiplatform Software to Manage, Monitor and Control SNMP Devices (2017)
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Software DC Control

DC Control is a management, control and monitoring system for SNMP devices developed using the language Java. The communication between the devices and the software is performed through the SNMP network management protocol, which makes this project innovating and promising for industrial applications and for monitoring network environments. DC Control was developed for monitoring and controlling data center environments. It is able to diagnose failures in the data center and on the devices projected by real-time analysis of the data received from the monitoring stations created.

SNMP Devices

The SNMP Device is an embedded hardware architecture capable of monitoring and controlling a data center environment. The design is based on an ATmega328p AVR microcontroller that behaves as a SNMP agent. The developed hardware architecture is able to monitor the temperature of several scattered sensors in the data center, and to control the opening of the communication rack door through a magnetic lock. Also, the embedded system is designed to perform the remote actuation of air conditioners located in the data center.


  • Real-time temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Door opening
  • Air conditioner actuation
  • Fault detection
  • Multplataform
  • Full integration with Zabbix and Nagios


MIT © Jaime Dantas


If you wish to know more about this project, you can read the manual written in Portuguese with more than 80 pages of pure technical information.

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