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Tiny little script to shoot photos on android devices at a specified interval.

What is DroidTimeLapse?

It's a little ruby script that will let you automate the process of taking photos from an android device (say, a mobile phone with a camera) at a constant rate.

What is it good for?

In my case, I wanted to experiment with time lapse videos. I have an android phone but all software I could find for this was oriented to character animation on stop motion style, not to take hundreds or thousands of photos on an automated way.

My first project was capturing sunrise from inside the living room of our flat, so I made this little script and let it take a photo per minute while we were sleeping. And this is the result.

How do I install it?

I'll put some instructions here soon, but all you need is an android phone, install SL4A, JRuby, and the script (droidtimelapse.rb) inside your sl4a/scripts folder.

More instructions coming soonish. Meanwhile you can check this tutorial.

Enjoy and share your creations!