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Package to simplify including the Adyen payments services into a Ruby application.

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Package to simplify including the Adyen payments services into a Ruby on Rails application.

Adyen integration relies on three modes of communication between Adyen, your server and your client/customer:

  • Client-to-Adyen communication using forms and redirects.

  • Adyen-to-server communications using notifications.

  • Server-to-Adyen communication using SOAP services.

This library aims to ease the implementation of all these modes into your application. Moreover, it provides matchers, assertions and mocks to make it easier to implement an automated test suite to assert the integration is working correctly.


Add the following line to your environment.rb and run rake gems:install to make the Adyen functionality available in your Rails project:

config.gem 'adyen', :source => '

You can also install it as a Rails plugin (deprecated):

script/plugin install git://


See the project wiki on to get started.


This package is written by Michel Barbosa and Willem van Bergen for, and made public under the MIT license (see LICENSE). It comes without warranty of any kind, so use at your own risk.

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