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- section: Beginner
- name: Introduction To Git
page: intro
cast: Aeu2CAA
size: 790x430
desc: What Git is, why you would want to use it
and where to get it and learn about it.
- name: Setup and Initialization
page: setup
cast: AeyWYQAI
size: 790x444
desc: Setup your Git environment, then create a
new Git repository and clone an existing one.
- name: Normal Workflow
page: normal
desc: Synchronize with a remote repository, make changes,
then stage and commit them.
- name: Basic Branching and Merging
page: branching
desc: Create and work on topic and long running branches,
merge between them and delete them.
- name: Git Tagging
page: tagging
desc: Create signed, unsigned or lightweight tags to permanently
mark important points in your project history.
- name: Git Log
page: log
desc: Browse your project history, find specific commits
and visualize the branching and merging actions.
- name: Git Diff
page: diff
desc: Show differences between different versions of your
projects or specific files within your project.
- section: Intermediate
- name: Distributed Git
desc: Fetch, merge, pull and push between multiple remote
- name: Rebasing
page: rebasing
desc: Replay changes from one branch onto another branch
to preserve a linear history.
- name: Stashing
desc: Temporarily save changes to your working directory and
staging area without having to commit, then reapply the
changes later.
- name: Interactive Adding
desc: Stage and unstage changes to files or partial files
with an interactive Git tool.
- name: Undoing
page: undoing
desc: Revert, unmodify or unstage a file or project state
at any point.
- name: Amending Commits
desc: Change the latest commit message, or redo the last commit
by adding or removing files from it.
- name: Interactive Rebasing
desc: Rebase multiple files interactively, squashing, reordering
or amending commits in between.
- name: Customizing Git
desc: Setup aliases for common commands and other personal
options in Git - autocompletion, bash branch, colors and more.
- section: Advanced
- name: Filter Branch
desc: Modify large sections of your commit history at once,
changing emails, names or files globally.
- name: Maintaining Git
desc: Learn the fsck and gc commands to diagnose problems and
keep your repository small.
- name: The Git Reflog
desc: Browse the history of your local references even if they're not
referenced anywhere else anymore.
- name: Data Recovery
desc: Find lost commits or branches and restore them, or
recover from partial database corruption.
- name: Git Hooks
desc: Learn the client and server side pre and post action
hooks and some useful example scripts to use with them.
- name: Revision Selection
desc: Selecting individual commits or ranges of commits using
helpful Git shorthands.
- name: Git Internals
desc: Explore the internal workings of Git - the different object
types and how to view the raw data via several useful
plumbing commands.
- name: Git Submodules
desc: Submodule usage and other tips for keeping subprojects in
your Git repository.
- section: Special Interest
- name: Git and Windows - General
desc: Install and use Git on a Windows environment using the default
mSysGit tools.
- name: Git and Windows - Extensions
desc: Installing and using the Git Extensions shell extensions tools
on Windows.
- name: Git and Subversion
page: git-svn
desc: Using the git-svn client with a Subversion server. Specifically
for existing SVN users, how Git is a better Subversion client
than Subversion.
- name: Migrating from Subversion
desc: Ready to move your project from Subversion? A few ways to do
the migration, from hosted services to really custom methods.
- name: Git and Textmate
desc: Using Git and GitHub from Textmate using the TM Git bundle.
- name: Git and Capistrano
desc: Deploying Git projects using the Capistrano deployment tool, including
how to deploy from GitHub.