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9th June, 2010

  • Simplify flash notices and alerts, including them on redirections, as introduced on rails 2.3.6:


8th June, 2010

  • Upgraded to rails 2.3.8

  • Uses rails_xss plugin and erubis gem

  • Removed simple_format from entries summaries, applied html_safe to it: you can still choose between stripping tags (recommended) or not.


17th March, 2010

  • integration. You can specify your credentials (login and API key) so planetoid will shorten all URLs before twitting. To use this, create a account and get your API key at . Look at config/planetoid.yml.example to see how to update your config/planetoid.yml file.


4th March, 2010

  • Twitter messages to announce new users, entries and posts are generated as prefix + title + url, truncating as needed to fit in 140 chars.

  • Removed twitter notifications from Feeds, now planetoid only twitts about new users, entries and projects.

  • Rescue from feed fetching failures


9th March, 2010

  • Added rescue to twitts from all models


20th January, 2010

  • Upgraded to use rails 2.3.4

  • Added support for Slideshare (feature introduced by @javier)

  • Added support for Delicious (feature introduced by @ceritium)


8th July, 2009

  • Optional SHA1 for admin password on config/planetoid.yml (thanks to @nickel)


8th July, 2009

  • Optimized feed parsing by passing etag if available (thanks to @pantulis)


28th June, 2009

  • Added site URL to config/planetoid.yml.example

  • Added twitter integration so it can notify of new members, feeds, entries and projects to a given twitter account


12th June, 2009

  • Added direct routes to user slugs, like “/jaime-iniesta”, as a shortcut to “/members/jaime-iniesta”


11th June, 2009

  • Added sluggable_finder gem for user permalinks

  • User routes names as “members”


7th June, 2009

  • Entries truncate length and strip tags on summaries are configurable, turned on by default

  • Showing avatar for users is configurable, turned on by default


7th June, 2009

  • Made home configurable, you can decide to show header, footer, users, projects, entries in home, and avatars and summaries on entries

  • Removed tips

  • User email is no longer mandatory

  • Feed URL is configurable, to use external services like FeedBurner (real URL is /entries.rss)


6th June, 2009

  • Made planetoid more flexible by not pretending it will be used for a developers community, by:

  • Removing tips for creating project

  • Not showing twitter / github links if empty

  • Refactoring and adding tests for twitter_url and github_url


6th June, 2009

  • Added google analytics support

  • Cache for javascript and css


5th June, 2009

  • DRYed up and simplified views

  • Removed show actions on entries and feeds

  • Removed destroy action on entries

  • Show projects and posts by user


5th June, 2009

  • Twitter and Github users instead of URLs (by @nickel83)


29th May, 2009

  • Project management: you can store name, description, url and associate it to many users


28th May, 2009

  • New sessions controller for login / logout with a form instead of http authentication

  • Integrated admin actions into public layout, restricted actions and hidden links for non-admins


22nd May, 2009

  • Moved basic config to a config file, to be able to customize admin login and password, site title, meta description, meta keywords, header and footer


21st May, 2009

  • Initial published version.