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A software developer cheat sheet
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Software Developer Cheat Sheet

Useful links to resources, talks, challenges and examples concerning the Software Development world.



A set of interesting talks, conferences and keynotes about Software Development, AI, Programming Languages, Hardware, VR, etc.

Useful applications

  • Dillinger: An online Markdown editor with preview integrated.
  • gitignore: A web application that allows to automatically generate .ignore files for different development stacks and OS.
  • Coolors: This is a web application that works as a color schemes generator, if color combination and design aren't the best of your skills, this is the perfect tool for you.
  • Bootsnipp: Need to prototype a website really fast? Here you'll find design elements, playground and code snippets for Bootstrap HTML/CSS/JS framework.



MEAN is a full stack of technologies that stands for Mongo-Express-Angular-Node and allows you to create complete web applications and REST APIs. Here we have some useful links of MEAN as a whole:


  • Official Documentation: This might be a little weird, but seriously, MongoDB documentation rocks! I haven't found a better way to getting started, it has a great tutorial for installation on any OS.
  • Mongoose: Elegant MongoDB object modeling for Node.js, there's no better way (for me) to connect your application to Mongo database that Mongoose.


  • Express application generator: You can use this tool to generate almost immediately the skeleton (or structure) of a general MEAN application
  • Introduction to Express: I haven't found a more recent version of a good introduction to ExpressJS, this one seems pretty old (4 years back from now) which is definetely too much in the Software development world, but if you're using the code provided by the tutorial for production, remember not use any deprecated package or method, for security reasons.


There are currently two versions of Angular, I suggest to start with the first version because it might be a little tricky to jump to the last version, specially if you don't understand the basics of Angular itself.

  • Shaping up with Angular.js: You have to pay for most of this tutorial, but the introduction is free and quite well explained.
  • AngularJS Tutorial: Here's a more detailed tutorial by W3Schools, covering Angular fundamentals.


  • Node Package Manager: npm is the package manager for JavaScript and the world’s largest software registry. Here you'll find a plenty of packages with previously defined methods and features that most MEAN stack developers use everyday.



  • Agile Android Development: If you really would like to be an Android developer, this book may be quite good for you to have a better performance in your projects.
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