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A personalized music player that helps you find SoundCloud music and lets you create/save your playlists! (v2) has been refactored with a GraphQL Backend API, Apollo Client on the Frontend, and Google OAuth with Passport.js.

Table of contents

  • Initial Setup
  • Create a .env File
  • Starting the App
  • Future +Plus Features
  • Created By

Initial Setup

Open up your terminal and clone the repo locally to your computer by running the following command at the target destination: $ git clone

Create a .env File

Fire up your terminal and create a new .env by simply running $ touch .env.

After creating the .env file, use your text editor to enter all the necessary credentials, urls, and app variables (like the Server Port) into separate lines inside the .env file.

This app uses Social Authentication like Google from the Passport.js library. Go to the Google Passport Strategy GitHub for more info on Google credentials.

This app uses MongoDB, but if you prefer, you can sign up for a free mLab MongoDB database to make it easy to save your app data.

There should be no spacing between the lines and do not end the line with punctuation or spacing. The .env should appear like the following snippet:



DB_URL = mongodb://




After creating the .env and you fire up the app, the key value pairs in the file will correspond to any line of code that references process.env.

Starting the App

This project uses the Yarn package manager. Go to the Yarn website to learn more about how to install the package manger on your computer.

In the root of the app, use your terminal to run $ yarn install to install all the app dependencies. Wait until everything finishes loading.

In the same terminal window, run $ yarn run dev:build to build all the dependencies. Wait until everything finishes building.

Finally in another opened terminal tab, run the command $ yarn run start to start the app.

Go to http://localhost:3000 in your favorite browser to view the website.

Remember, you can always stop the server from running by typing Control + z in the terminal window you used to start the app.

Future +Plus Features

  • Give Users the ability to add songs to an already created playlist.
  • Enable scrolling of entire playlist on the back of playlist card.
  • Create responsive design for mobile.
  • Add Facebook Social Authentication.

Created By

Jaime Mendoza


A personalized music player that helps you find SoundCloud music and lets you create/save your playlists!






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