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thesis work - major studio II
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Visualizing Law

Understanding the sex offender registry laws and their collateral consequences



This thesis is about the visual exploration of the current sex offender registration and community notification laws in the United States. It is an attempt to understand how examining these laws and their impact on society from an objective lens can debunk myths and create awareness. It tries to explore the collateral consequences that these laws have, specifically the residence restrictions that are imposed on offenders, and raises questions about the effectiveness of their intentions. This work also aims to serve as a tool for lawmakers to visualize what the consequences of their actions might look like, and help them to preempt decisions that may not be in the best interest of society.

Presentation slides (including project URL and video):

Project URL:

Feature List

Housing and Employment

  • Show residential land use area
  • Show commercial/institutional land use area
  • Recalculate restricted area on map movement/map zoom --> changed to displaying restricted areas by neighborhood
  • On hover, show restricted area for that neighborhood

Mobility and Presence

  • Enter origin and destination locations
  • Show possible violations
  • Project violations on the side bar
  • Explore violation locations - like schools/parks

Represetative Images:

Alt text

Alt text

Exploring sex offender laws by state:

(not included in final project) url:

state laws state laws state laws

Data Sources

National Level Data:

State Level (Illinois):

City Level (Chicago):

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