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Woodpecker 🌳 🐤 Dismissing garbage collection in Node.js
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woodpecker 🌳 🐤

Note: This is a weekend experiment project. Use in production, at your own risk.


Woodpecker forks a number of defined workers (2 x num.of cores) + 1 and a master process managing them. When the resident set size increases the defined throttle, master removes the worker from the cluster gracefully, shuts it down, spawn a new fork, adds it back to the cluster.


Instagram Engineering team wrote a neat article on dismissing garbage colletion in python - This experiment is to try the same by disabling GC ( and relying on the above defined pattern to run the application.


System Information

  • Concurrency: 4
  • Number of requests: 100000
  • Number of cores: 4 vCPUs per VM
  • RAM: 3.6 GB per VM
  • Allocating 55150 bytes / 0.4412 MB per request
  • RSS throttle size: 80000 bytes / 0.64 per worker

Note: Web server and stress test script were run on different machines (Google Cloud / Virtual)

Default GC config

  • Statuses: { '200': 100000 }
  • Minimum time to respond: 1ms
  • Maximum time to respond: 1942ms
  • Average time to respond: 5.5311600000000025ms
  • Rate: 612.8089323029973
  • Total time: 163183ms
Process watch


Without Mark Sweep

  • Statuses: {'200': 100000 }
  • Minimum time to respond: 1ms
  • Maximum time to respond: 2863ms
  • Average time to respond: 5.001519999999979ms
  • Rate: 712.6872585771912ms
  • Total time: 140314ms
Process Watch


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